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Movies Orpheum Theatre Stage Door
Madison, Wisconsin

Dick Flanigan and John Sveum

Dick Flanigan, (aka Mr. Mephisto) was the host for 12 years of the local late night horror movie television show Lenny’s Inferno. The show aired Fridays at Midnight on the NBC affiliate WMTV. And began in 1966 in Madison. The show was sponsored by American TV and Appliances. Dick and John will be doing a Q&A session at the event. For more click here.

Digital media isn't really cheap. Though media sellers are obliging and thus try to warn you if you'd already bought a particular title, it is better not to depend upon them. Did you have a situation when you bought an audio book, movie or DVD disc and then realized that you already have one? That's a waste of money, because as you know, digital media in most cases cannot be returned.

Take into account that sounds can define a classic comics book hero as much as any form-fitting costume. When a character is drafted to the screen the sound comes with him. This is very important to create proper sound for your movie.

Kenneth J. Hall

Kenneth J. Hall is the president and CEO of BV Entertainment Inc. Kenneth is a writer, producer, director and special makeup and movies visual effects director. He has worked on such new movies projects as Puppet Master, The Terminator, Batman Returns and many more. Kenneth will be signing autographs and doing a Q&A session at this years festival. For more information on Kenneth, please click.