Faster Movie


Faster Movie is fun, grim and pretentious making things more amusing. The dialogues are funny and the message of anti-revenge goes down on a wrong road. This movie continues with violent killing and Dwayne Johnson (Driver) appears to be a stylish thriller looking for taking revenge. Faster Movie is about Dwayne Johnson and his brother who set a bank robber and in the process his brother is murdered and Dwayne is jailed. On his release from jail he starts on a revenge spree killing many. However, he kills selective victims and only kills bad guys. The selection of men also includes a sex offender as well.

The cast includes a drug-addicted detective, Billy Bob Thornton as "cop" and HBO’s men behind bars as a reformed criminal transformed as a saint. However, the Rock in this movie Faster engages the onscreen and plays a violent role speaking very few words. His appearance is like a granite man who heads towards the final plot of violent conclusion. It offers low jolts, but Dwayne has few perilous things to do. He ends up facing another assassin, a veteran cop and slowly the movie progresses creating murder mystery. In fact, details keep opening up every moment by adding more victim lists.

Dwayne Johnson has put a serious presence in this film and has revealed strong physique making him appropriate for the character revealing anger. The action sequences are fairly good, but there are many characters entering and exiting that the viewers get confused regularly throughout the movie. However, the chemistry is good and a single-minded killer sets out to kill a list of people calling as a Driver. He constantly hunts victims, walks straightly through the front door and gives a shoot in the head. The movie really goes faster focused on revenge without any distraction.

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