Wall Street Money never sleeps Movie


Wall Street Money Never Sleeps movie serves no particular story line giving broad statements. Oliver Stone infuses between things that took place in the 80s and that occurred to the GFC. America is working on various strategies and methods to recover from economic crisis and the meltdown in 2008 and this film presents a factious story setting a subject matter that cannot be ignored. The movie shows various problems, flawed plots and also points out relevant questions such that they highlight why and what happened, besides the person responsible for such circumstances.

In the film, a Wall Street broker, Jake Moore wishes to save the world by making alt energy company investment and he is supported by Winnie. These young idealists give a great performance and Jake invests in sub-prime toxic assets heavily. Gordon Gekko returns and presents a performance and thereby re-enters public life predicting the financial system doom. Rumors start flying about the bank that Jake works for that the bank is over leveraged to the extent that Lewis Zabel, Jakes mentor requests a bailout from the government. Zabel forcibly sells the holdings of the bank to competitors for pennies and Zabel takes his life after this deal. Jake is enraged and takes assistance of Gordon to patch things and also to take revenge on James for putting Gordon in jail.

Jakes bank is merged with another bank run by James and soon comes to light that heavy default trading is on. Here the movie takes a turn to serious meetings and negotiation. Gordon assists Jake and in the meanwhile Gordon steals money and rebuilds his business in trading. Jake feels betrayed and confronts the truth to Winnie such that their relationship falls apart. However, in the end, the relationship is repaired, but has flaws. The film brings to light that the movie fulfills its name.

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