Tangled movie


Tangled movie is traditionally reveals a damsel in distress. This movie has great dialogues, a magical story and lots of humor. Mandy Moore has offered her voice as Rapuznel contributing to make an instant classic movie. Rapuznel leads a joyful and happy life yearning to experience and see the world towering her home. She strongly believes that she is safe from a scary, bad world and is loved by mother Gothel. She is naïve, but curious, energetic and yet wishes to accomplish great. Rapuznel cooks a scheme to accomplish her dream of visiting the outside world, when Flynn Ryder, a bandit enter her life. Rapuznel views this as a golden opportunity to enjoy the outside world views. She is strong and enthusiastic as a child.

Rapuznel is refreshingly modern and possesses "girl power", besides being honest and innocent. Rapuznel escape is followed with adventures, singing, dancing and narrow escapes with a love story that she learns a lot. The main aspect in this movie is to set the Disney princess apart and the primary goal of Rapuznel is to avoid falling in love and to live happily. Rapuznel strives to accomplish a goal and realizes that in this venture she unearths her true identity. She feels that Mother Gothel was perfect about the outside world being frightening.

Tangled movie ends happily and the bad guys receive all that they deserve. Rapuznel unexpectedly reaches her goal and finds her true love. The true substance of learning the world beyond the tower walls is delightful and her magical hair is beautiful. This movie is all fun and is worth watching more than once. True to the name, Tangled Movie keeps its viewers tangled to the seat. This movie offers an emotional story and delivers powerful messages. The best song is ‘I’ve got a dream’ featuring hidden talents and the dream comes true.

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