The 2012 movie visual effects


2012 is a movie that leaves one yearning for more. The special effects are so real that one will not even notice the two hour forty minute period that they have spend watching the movie. There are numerous things that make this movie complex. At times one may lost and finding the right footage back in to the movie may be rather challenge.  What gives the movie some appeal is its integration of visual effects that leave a lasting impression in the minds of the viewer. Apart from this the movie mat not meet every body’s expectations in the sense that too much hype was given to this movie prior to its release.

The plot behind the movie 2012 talks about peoples attempts to survive at the end times. The movie id directed by Roland Emerich who has a wealth of knowledge and experience on disaster movies. He is the face behind the Independence Day, Godzilla, and Day after Tomorrow among many others.

The movie 2012 has a very poor script. The number of bad lines and absurd moments are so many that they may leave one flabbergasted. This is apart from the action episodes that have utilized special effects that did not bring reality in to the whole scene.  For instance, the utilization of mobile phones after the total destruction of the world was ridiculous and out of touch with reality. Another scene that was exaggerated is when Jack and his family took off in jet while the airport was in flames.  The mere fact that one of the airport employees was still working in the face of adversity is just out of this world.

Emmerich is very competent when it comes to the utilization of the visual effects in his movies. However, when it comes to the actors he falls short.  It is worth noting that the 2012 movie had its main catch brought by the visual effects that were utilized.