Top 10 Special Effects Movies


There are numerous scenes that have been created in TV programs movies and even plays that have had appealing and long lasting effects on the minds of the viewers. These scenes have incorporated the use of visual and sound effects that lingered in the mind of the viewers for a long time.

Typically these effects are classified in to two main categories known as the mechanical and optical effects. The increase of many tools that have enhanced digital film making have occurred in the last few years. These tools have provided the perfect accessories that have mapped out the two fields that are special and visual effects. The visual effects is a reference to the digital inclusions that are added after the production has been done. On the other hand the mechanical effects can be referred to as the inclusions that are done on the set with the assistance of optical effects that come with the camera.

The utilization of the movie special effects dates way back to the early thirties in Hollywood. Flying down to Rio was among the first films that experimented with technology greatly. The movie entitled the thief of Baghdad climaxed with the utilization of new sets of tools and different forms of technology that brought about the desired effects. As time went by, technology advanced to greater levels and the utilization of the special effects has moved a notch higher. This has made it impossible to differentiate between the shots that are done physically done from those that are done in collaboration with the special effects.

Currently no film goes minus the use of special effects. Movies like Star Wars, Bat Man returns, Spider Man, Judgment Day, Pirates of Caribbean, Harry Potter Movies are some of the top rated movies that have utilized the special effects.