Avatar movie 3d effects: The facts


Avatar movieThe movie title Avatar has gained a lot of mileage in the cinema world. It took it a few weeks to create movie history. This it did by overtaking the titanic as the movie that earned the greatest return on investment. The cinema halls that show cased this movie sold all their sits in advance. It is worth noting that the late night and afternoon sessions which are normally not well attended were fully booked for this movie.

This excitement about the Avatar movie compelled many curious individuals to go and watch it. The fact that the movie was about aliens made it very popular. The movie integrated 3 D technology to make it appear very real and appealing to the eye. The 3D feature was combined with the special effects and animation to make it a sheer watching experience.

The beginning of the movie had a 3D Dolby Sound Track which was very impressive. The dandelion like plant appeared to float toward the audience. However, the scenes that involved the dragon flying were stylish. The battle scenes also were very impressively done. They looked and sounded real. On the other side of the coin the movie had its shortcomings. This included the non inclusion of 3D in producing the required sound effects that were used to direct the mining.

The Avatar was not as good as it was hyped to be. The script could not be described as very good and its 2D version was not very impressive. The IMAX version could be a more suitable movie to watch for those lovers of science fiction movies. With the advent of the 3D technology, the Avatar has a lot to do to match up with this levels of advancement. However, the Avatar sold and won the hearts of many movie lovers.