Matrix movie special effects


The Matrix trilogy was highly reputed as one of the top rated action films of all times. This fame can be attributed to quite a number of factors. The whole plot, the ideas, characters, action and the design have been very vital elements that have led to the success of the Matrix.

The inclusion of special effects catapulted the film to a brand new level that rivaled movies like the lethal weapon. The movie surpassed all forms of expectations and raised the bar to optimal levels.

CGI moves forward

Matrix movie effectsTowards the end of the 90s, the computer generated effects had grown and developed and were integrated in almost all movies. This enabled the easy replacement of backgrounds, the faking of explosions and the manipulation of the objects to fit in to the films premise. Before the success of the matrix, James Cameron had achieved a lot with the other movies like terminator 2, Abyss and Judgment day.

What made the Matrix tick was the fact that it took advantage of its theme that surrounded the computer world and utilized this theme to provide the ideal layout that pushed the frontiers of what special effects could achieve on film. These effects were used to integrate characters and explosions and also to bend and warp the locale at which the film was shot at.

Bullet Time

The bullet time is one of the most remarkable features of the movie the Matrix. The ability to work with space and time as one so desires is possible in the unreal world of the Matrix. This is illustrated in the action that is shot at a sky scraper whereby the villain agent shoots at the hero.

Time appears to freeze when the bullets are shot at the protagonist. The slowing of time is followed by the spinning of the camera in a circular motion and this happens as the protagonist leans and evades the path of the bullets. This effect was fantastic and caused the audience to stare in awe. This effect has been replicated in so many films that have been shot after the matrix.