Movie special effects: An over view


Movie special effects are designed in such a manner that they make the viewer visualize the whole event as being real. A good example is the movie where you have The Matrix which is a movie where the main character Keanu Reaves is running on the top of the roof and spider man is fighting. The movie looks so real and can be attributed to the impact of the movie special effects. They stretch people’s imagination to levels that are very high by integrating technology with human intelligence. The pictures they make enhance the storyline.

There are two groups of special effects that are mechanical and optical effects. Improvement in the growth of technology has made it possible for people to differentiate special from special visual effects.  Special effects are utilized in both mechanical and camera effects that are made on the sets whereas visual effects are connected to the after math of production. Courtesy of the optical effects the frame of the film are build by utilizing a lot of exposure and can also be developed  using the optical printer after the production process. Mechanical effects are made as the recordings are being done live. For instance, creation of effects like smoke, blowing a car and even rain. The mechanical effects are integrated in to the shooting scenes settings or even artists make up.

Since the last decade there has been growth and development of imagery that is generated by computers. This has provided greater freedom and even control to the film makers. This is because the computer generated images have made different effects to come out stronger at less cost and les personnel.

Since the 1990s plenty of software has been utilized to provide special effects. The new movies have distinguished between reality and fantasy successfully. The computer generated imagery has transformed all the facets of film making and making special effects.