Star Wars Movie Special Effects


Star Wars movie effectsThe Star Wars movie has had a lasting effect in many movie fans that have watched it. This movie was highly rated to various factors such as the story line, special movie effects and the sheer tact that was presented by the characters. Star Wars has broken through the boundaries of age gaps to become very popular among all cadre of people. The movie has lasted for over a decade and is still as famous as ever before.

There are certain attributes that have immensely contributed to the fame of the Star Wars movie. If one watches the movie he or she can notice that some scenes tend to stand out stronger than others.  It is worth noting that there are different Star War movies that are available in the market today and are listed below.

  • Darth Vader against Luke lightsaber duel in the movie Jedi
  • AT-AT and Snowspeeder battle on in the movie Empire
  • Darth Maul vs Qui Gonn and Obi Wan duel in the movie Phantom Menace
  • Millennium Falcon asteroid chase in the movie Empire
  • Republic Army Vs Droid Army in the movie Clone Wars
  • Anakin Vs Obi Wan lightsaber duel in the movieROTS
  • Rebel assault on the first Death Star – in the movie Episode IV

Special effects have played a major role in enhancing these movies. The movie of John Williams score came out strong due to the use of the special effects. This was so particularly in the case of Darth Vader against Like Skywalker in Jedi. These scenes have stuck in the memory of many.

The older movies depended on creating appealing aura and also shooting the scenes in the most appropriate manner. These days what makes a movie tick is the amalgamation of special effects in to it that create lasting impressions.