Action sci-fi movies: the best


The number of science fiction movies that have been produced are many with some having out done others. Found below is a list of some of the best science fiction movies that have been created so far.


The inception movie is fast paced and mind boggling. It has many twists that leave the viewer glued to the screen. The movie raises ones curiosity as they strive to know what next. The movie was created by Christopher Nolan and ranks highly among his works that also include the Dark Knight.

The Matrix

It is a classic and can rank top in many viewers list. It is arguably one of the best science fiction movies that has ever graced the movie world. This movie can be watched over and over again without feeling bored.

Star Wars

The Star Wars movie series have exceeded expectations and rank highly among the science fiction films. This was achieved after taking a lot of time to create the story and set the mood using special effects.

2001: A Space Odyssey

A Stanley Kubrick’s production, the movie A Space Odyssey has utilized human characteristics in the scientific world of fiction successfully. This movie will linger in the minds of many viewers for along time.

Blade Runner

The Blade runner was written and produced by Ridley Scott and Ford Harrison who story line provides a twist with regards to future growth and development of the world.

Back to the Future

Though different in approach from other science films, the movie back to the future can be regarded as an all time favorite to many people. This movie has received high ratings with just few critical comments here and there.