Transformers movie Special Effects


The growth of technology has made it possible to include particular pieces into a production. For instance, the movie entitled the dark side of the moon which was written by Pink Floyd had sonic landscapes which had wonderful additions.  The movie was created in 1974 but the additions were done fifteen years later and have transformed the movie to higher levels. This has made the movie very popular.

In the film industry the inclusion of special effects has made movies look and sound real. The special effects are as important as the star in the movie.  Technological advancements have made it possible to achieve and continue achieving much more improved versions of movies.

The movie titled the Transformers has incorporated the latest technological and special effects features. This movie will provide answers to questions like what would a real life transformer look like? Other issues like the translation of classic cartoons for instance optimum prime, Auto bots, and Megatron in to live action would be addressed below.

One should consider simple plots like huge giant robots that are fighting each other. Momentarily, this robots would transform in to a plane or even a track and move at breath taking pace across the city. This was very hard to achieve in the sixties. Due to the growth and development of the film industry what seemed unachievable has been achieved courtesy of development and growth of special effects. This has made situations that would seem unreal to look very realistic.

Characterization of the cast in the transformers movie has been a source of debate. This is due to the fact that the typical cartoon feel does not blend well with the live action and giant screen experience. This forced the producers to come up with a totally new design for the cast.