Homemade special effects: Halloween


For those who would like to surprise their daughters with a new Halloween costume, it is recommended that one should buy or make the costume. The small girls look very pretty in the ballerina like dresses. The beauty about these kind of costumes is that you can make them from home. The basic requirement would be to have everything required in place. These items would include the clothing material and other essential accessories. You can easily transform your daughter to a fairy princess.

The initial step would involve making a selection of the appropriate color for the Halloween costume. Colors from the range of pink, apple green, soft orange and even light blue would look just great especially because they look attractive on kids. After achieving this one should endeavor to arrange a recommended leotard that has got a skirt that is petal made. It is vital to maintain the color for that dashy effect. The material that should be used for the skirt is flowing fabric, organza is recommended. The next step is to add accessories to the dress. Sequin beads that much the costume should be added and sown on the leotard and chest line. One can also design a beautiful pattern and fill it with the beads. These will provide the costume with a wonderful shine and glow.

For the short sleeved leotard, one can transform them in to sleeves that have jagged edges. However, to achieve this one needs to be patient and have the appropriate skills. To make the perfect and beautiful Halloween costume one should sew the skirt on to the Leotard to make a single piece of costume instead of the two piece costume. One should use a nice pair of shoes to match with the costume. The hair should be set to a ballerina bun design and added some ribbons that are colored and satin.