Free sci-fi movies: Some collections


The best Sci-fi movies have become the in thing to many movie lovers. There are numerous movies tat can be viewed from the web courtesy of you tube for free. Found below are a collection of some very fascinating Sci-Fi movies that can be enjoyed for free.

1. Blade Runner 

This movie is about the life and .times of a policeman called Rick Deckard and his endless search and pursuit of four cloned humans who are on earth illegally. What makes this movie tick and a favorite are story line and the visual effects and the neighborhood in which the movie was shot at.

2. 2001: A Space Odyssey 

This movie received recognition and appreciation worldwide due to its ingenious special effects. The utilization of accurate space simulations that are in a class of their own made this movie very popular. Other features that were appealing to many include; the character Hai, the super computer and the sound track of the opening scene.

3. Star Wars

The movie was about the battle between good and evil. It was set in space and utilized features that portrayed good and evil. It included a mystic touch that is not typical in science fiction movies. This movie will be remembered for years to come.

4. Alien 

The Alien was appreciated for its Gothic layout, Scaring aliens and the heroic character called Ripley. The Alien talked about issues pertaining to mother hood and illustrated the tension via long poses followed by horrific scenes.

5. Solaris 

The movie Solaris can be described as a tragedy since the main character who is a psychologist travels to space to take the place of a scientist. On arriving there he encounters secretive survivors and also his dead wife.

6. Terminator 

The terminator movie is all about the entry of robots from the future in to earth in a bid to kill the mother of a future rebel.