Best sci-fi movies: The Matrix Movie


Matrix movie effectsSci-fi movies have been in production for a long time. The first sci-fi movie was produced in 1927. From then on producers have not looked back and to date more than 100 movies have been produced.  Found below are some of the best sci-fi movies of all times.

The Matrix

The matrix has arguably been the most successful science fiction of all times. This is due to the fact that its production was very original and its utilization of visual and sound effects were quite remarkable. The movie ranked highly because of its coolness feel. The visualization of the two sides that the future possesses was ingenious. The transfer from the real world to the matrix world and back again has made the movie very appealing.

The visual and sound effects, the battle scenes, the mystery and diverse characters are all factors that have made the movie stand out and be counted. The movie had such eye catching and real effects that made one feel part of the movie every step of the way. The mystery that was created initially was entitled the matrix. One did not really understand what the matrix was and this provided the perfect anti dote for the curious. The lead character by the name of Neo was provided with two pills to take which were red and blue in color. The red one was designed to enable him to appreciate and understand his failings and shortcomings and also to reveal the truth concerning the Matrix. The blue pill on the other hand was to enable him to return to his life without gaining any knowledge pertaining to the Matrix. The fact that Neo selected the red pill was relevant in the plot as this was the creation of history.