Twist your mind around a good juggle puzzle


Puzzles of all kinds have long offered brain exercises that people are challenged to solve. Juggle puzzles refer to several different kinds of puzzles but the similar point in them all is that you need to juggle pieces around to complete something properly. In word puzzles this may be a group of letters that you arrange in a variety of ways to make complete words or phrases. Sometimes you are given a clue that will lead you to solve the word puzzle. This is a game that can greatly improve your vocabulary and improve spelling. Newspapers are known to regularly publish this type of juggle puzzle for their readers to solve and enjoy.

Some juggle puzzles take a more solid form and may be in the shape of a block or many other things. They are made of many moving parts that form a completed item when in the correct places. The challenge of the puzzle is to move all the pieces into the correct alignment to complete the picture or shape. Some people have a knack for looking at these puzzles and seeing the solution easily. Other people will struggle for hours and never make any progress.

Mental exercises are a fun and educational way to pass some time. They can offer an avenue for relaxation and stress relief. Juggle puzzles can be played alone or in a group. Be warned though because the challenge to solve the puzzle can be addictive and possibly lead you to more puzzles of a harder variety.