A game is a way of playing structurally usually for enjoyment and sometimes used as an education tool (more at Games are more often an expression of ideological elements. Many games are considered as art. Some of the key components are goals, rules, challenge, interaction, etc.

gamesGames really help to develop practical skills that serve as a form of exercise. Games are referred as a range of disparate human activities. The game is an activity that must have the fun, separated from time and place, governed by rules and non-productive. The game is a piece of entertainment if it is interactive. Non-interactive entertainments are movies and books. Game is sometimes referred as goal-oriented activity in which players can interfere with each other. This is a system in which players engage in an artificial conflict that is defined by rules. It is a form of art in which participants make decisions in order to manage resources through the pursuit of a goal. The games develop many skills among the players.

The major key elements identified in the game are tools and rules that define the overall context of the game. It results in skill, strategy and chance. Games are classified based on the components required to play. The ball has been a popular game piece throughout recorded history. The ball games are basketball, rugby, cricket, tennis and volleyball. Deck of playing cards is used as a tool for playing. Games such as chess are usually played for the improvement of mental power.

Games help for improving physical skill in games such as wrestling, tug of war, target shooting and stake. Games of mental skills are checkers and chess. Games of chance include gambling games. Game can be in a variety of forms from sports to board games and video games.

Games can enhance the decision making skills. It is used in various fields as a tool to coordinate the team members. Each and every game is played according to some rules and regulations. There are control bodies for every game who organize the sports with many rules laid by them. It is the responsibility of the players to follow the rules and play with code of conduct. Always be sportive and keep in mind that participation is more important than winning. So never hesitate to participate in games and play united with your team members.