Top sci-fi movies: The classics


The introduction of the science fiction movies dates way back to 1927. Over the years the science fiction movies have gained in popularity and have been produced at alarming rates lately. However, there are some oldies that have stood the test of time and are a joy to watch. Found below are some of this old time favorites.

The Thing (From Outer Space): 1951

This was the first movie of James Arness. This movie was based around a creature that crush landed in to the iced arctic. His frozen body and ship were discovered by a battery of scientists who conducted research at the time. They separated him from the block of ice that had engulfed him at the research station. They later discovered that he was a predator who fed on the researcher’s blood. It proved to be a very intelligent animal that had the capacity of sabotaging the research station.
Later on they discover that this creature is actually a plant. The researchers attempt to kill it but it proves a daunting task due to its huge size and its ability to withstand all their weapons. The breakthrough comes courtesy of the female researcher who provided the solution of cooking the plant.

The Blob: 1958

The Blob was produced by Steven McQueen and ranks highly among his collections. The star is a teenager who takes his girlfriend out on a date. As they are dating they discover a crush in the forest that is in the neighborhood of the town. As they investigate they meet a man in great pains and take him to hospital. The medical team and the man later disappear and this begins a series of disappearing acts by the local residence.

The Fly: 1958

The movie talks about a scientists endeavor to build a matter transporter. It also highlights an experiment that produced horrible and horrific outcomes.