Unthinkable Movie


The movie unthinkable is directed by Gregor Jordan, and is based on a drama thriller in which a person threats the United States government that he is going to pull off his three nuclear missiles which are placed at different remote locations through out the country which are capable of killing up to ten million people at once! However he placed some demands and he also warn them that if his demands are not met he will detonate the nuclear bombs and the government will be responsible for his act.

Samuel Jackson played a leading role in this movie as an investigator. This movie revolves around The black Ops officer and FBI agent, who capture a suspect extremist to speak up the location of remote bombs. Whether they would be successful in making the extremist speak out the location of bombs or whether they would fail badly only the time would tell.

The shooting of film location is most commonly in Los Angeles and California, the critics ratings for this movie is 7.2 which is surely a worth watching movie, as it surely considered as a great thing to watch.

The movie has an estimated budget of around $15,000,000 and was released on 26th, May 2010. The total run time of the movie is approximately 96 minutes and is sounded by Dolby Digital.

Most people claim that its surely the best movie of this year, as it comprises of best action scenes with stunning peace of dialogues, surely a worth watching thing!