The Tourist Movie


BOTTOM LINE: the Tourist is an uninspiring movie, delivering a tepid, with not so great chemistry between the stars whatsoever.

THE GOOD: As with all movies, the Tourist starts with a good theme. Angelina Jolie (the leading female character) is a beautiful woman, who was held by Scotland yard team to investigate her about his former lover Alexander Pearce. Elise (Angelina Jolie) received a message from Alexander, advising her to go on board on a particular train and to select someone who some what resembles Alexander, so that the Scotland Yard could be deceived by it. In start it looks simple but as the movie progress the story gets more and more complicated with the inclusion of a British gangster, searching for Alexander to get his stolen money back from him. The beautiful scenic destinations of Europe that are used in the films particularly Venice, are among the only few points that makes this movie behold a little.

THE BAD: There are quite a few bad things about the film. To start off one should ask that with the given talented stars, what the writer and director were thinking before making this movie. The biggest flaw about the movie is its weak script and direction. There is as such no action, wit and fun in the movie and the movie runs flat on dialogues which themselves are quite weak making it feel like a pedestrian boring exercise. Although, the film looks quite captivating in the previews but in reality movie is complete waste of time.